Delbridge Center for the ArtsWalnut Hill School for the Arts

The Delbridge Center for the Arts promotes innovative educational programming by providing spaces that foster curiosity through exposure to all arts, interdisciplinary engagement with peers, and a collaborative and inspiring relationship with their faculty members. The two primary venues, the performance and dance spaces, are designed to act as a canvas for the creation and consumption of art, connected through a dynamic double-height gallery space.
The gallery also includes infrastructure for theatrical lighting and scenery, along with a stair plinth that serves as a stage for impromptu performances, readings, and display.

The 200-seat Performance Space is tucked into the hillside between the Gallery and Dance Barn. Designed as a black-box theater, it can be configured for innovative performance of all types, from dance, to opera, to ensemble music, and contains infrastructure to support the school’s fastest-growing department of Writing, Film, and Media Arts.

The Dance Studio features sprung flooring, ballet barres, mirrored walls, and acoustic curtains that allow for the tailoring of space to accommodate both rehearsal and smaller-scale performances. Twisting, exposed queen-post trusses allow for the installation of theatrical lighting for use as a secondary performance venue. Floor to ceiling glass walls provide a view to campus and create a strong identity in the arts as the outward face of the school.