Emery Community Arts CenterUniversity of Maine Farmington

The Emery Community Arts Center is an experimental visual, media, and performing arts center for the University of Maine at Farmington. An anonymous donation stipulated that Emery be built on the UMF campus but house no spaces exclusive to university faculty, in order to encourage collaborative and shared use by community and university arts groups. This allows Emery to form a cultural hub within the town of Farmington, which is remote from other major urban centers. By providing an outlet for continued artistic development, Farmington can support its graduating talent and serve as an incubator for “arts that have not yet been imagined.”

Emery includes a flexible performance space for theater, music, and dance, an arts gallery for traditional 2D+3D media, audio installations, and digital media, and a gallery thruway that encloses a major campus passageway, immersing all students in the arts as they navigate steep campus topography. Additionally, the building provides a shared entry with the historic Alumni Hall, home to the UMF Theater Department, serving to unite all venues and visitors within a shared, dynamic lobby space.