Knight Campus Artist StudiosCommunity College of Rhode Island

Located in Warwick, RI, the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI) building was designed by Robinson Green Beretta (RGB) and erected in 1968, a visionary piece of Modernism. RGB aimed to create an integrated city in a building to promote interaction and democracy.

The CCRI building houses all of its facilities under a single roof, a concrete megastructure that provides open social exchange between every academic discipline. designLAB participated in this exchange by providing the new programming and design for CCRI’s Art Department Studios. The 8,500 sf renovation transformed their existing space into distinct art studios, providing quiet work areas for both the 2D and 3D arts. Open and inviting faculty offices were added and a digital-media hub encourages student collaboration and creativity. The materials selected are both vibrant and durable, which lends a strong identity to the suite while enabling its use as a true venue for experimentation and expression. The renovation includes upgraded HVAC system, building and fire code conformity, and roof and window replacement.